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TMR Feed Solutions is a globally recognized company focused on providing an alternative feed solution for ruminant animals.

We have many years of experience in high quality and high output forage markets of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, China and more.

Our long history, local and global know how, quality technology and superior raw materials ensure that TMR Feed Solutions are at the forefront of the emerging “mixed ration” feed business.

TMF Hay Nutritional Information [PDF]

What is TMF Hay?

The term TMF stands for “total mixed fermentation”. Our unique TMF Hay is similar to a hay based TMR ration, but is fermented in the bale to create a more palatable and digestible fibre. This specialized production method is created by a process of individually weighing and mixing all ingredients into a pre-blended ration to suit the nutritional requirements of a ruminant animal. The specific rations are created to supply an efficient level of energy, protein, minerals and nutrients required for optimal animal health and performance.

Benefits of feeding a TMF Hay ration

  • A cost effective and readily available alternative fibre source.
  • A mixed ration can reduce feed sorting, save labour and reduce overall feeding cost.
  • Completely blended feeds, ensure the animal receives the correct amounts of nutrients (energy, fibre, protein, etc.) This ensures the animal receives a cost efficient diet, whilst optimising intake of all feed ingredients.
  • Available in 8, 12 and 15% protein variants.
  • Produced in 25kg and 380kg bales to match all requirements.

TMR Feed solutions also provide;

  • Custom mixes suited to your requirements.
  • Specialized mixes for; fattening lambs, breeding ewes, beef feedlots, high production and dry dairy cows.
  • Five Star Fibre: super chopped hay. A cost effective alternative to traditional chaff for horses.
  • Access to supply of all forms of high quality fibre currently available on domestic and international markets..

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